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Thai Colada Cocktail Thai Colada Cocktail
Cool off with this yummy coconut cocktail that is a twist on the classic Piņa Colada.
By: JetFuel
How to Slice and Chop Onions How to Slice and Chop Onions
Nothing is more important in the kitchen than knife skills. You make just the right sliced or diced onion and you look cool doing it. Watch this video and learn the ways of the knife.
By: JetFuel
How to Make Perfect Roast Chicken How to Make Perfect Roast Chicken
Every home chef needs the perfect roasted chicken recipe in their repertoire. Check out Jet Tila's attack plan to get you started.
By: JetFuel
How to Make a Bacon and Egg Potato Salad With Greek Yogurt How to Make a Bacon and Egg Potato Salad With Greek Yogurt
The secret to this delicious potato salad is lots of bacon. Take a look. Make this along with Jet's BBQ ribs.
By: JetFuel
How to Make Perfect Rice How to Make Perfect Rice
Jet Tila has the simple, but secret, tricks to making perfect rice every time. Once you learn these tricks, you will be banging out rice every meal. He is using Jasmine rice, the work horse of rice from Thailand.
By: JetFuel
How to Make a Perfect Steak How to Make a Perfect Steak
Chef Jet Tila shows you how easy it is to make the perfect 'Steak House' steak at home. No outdoor grill or special devices needed. He explains all the secrets that will make you the rock star steak chef.
By: JetFuel
Pad Thai Recipe Pad Thai Recipe
Chef Jet Tila cooks up the Thai classic, Pad Thai. This noodle dish can be made vegetarian or with any meat you want. Learn about the secrets to original Thai ingredients.
By: JetFuel
How to Make Food Truck Korean Tacos How to Make Food Truck Korean Tacos
The craze of food rucks started with the Korean Taco. It is a mashup, the mixing of two cuisines to make a new one. This taco is mind-blowing delicious. Check it out.
By: JetFuel
Onion Fritter (Bajee) Recipe Onion Fritter (Bajee) Recipe
This onion fritter, or bajee, is a classic Indian street food. Simon Majumdar shows Jet Tila how to make it.
By: JetFuel
How to Peel Ginger How to Peel Ginger
Ginger is amazing. It makes everything takes fresh and delicious. It is is easy to work with, once Jet shows you how.
By: JetFuel
Hatch Chile Sriracha Recipe Hatch Chile Sriracha Recipe
Everyone wants the spicy sauce Sriracha. It is named after the Sriracha Valley in Thailand. Well Hatch Chiles come to the market in the Fall from Hatch, New Mexico. This recipe brings together these two unique and region delights. Make it at your home, you will become addicted.
By: JetFuel
Thai Ginger Chicken Recipe Thai Ginger Chicken Recipe
Ginger is the secret ingredient. This Thai dish is a full meal in one pot. Give it a try.
By: JetFuel
Best Fried Rice Recipe Best Fried Rice Recipe
This is classic fried rice. Once you learn this, it will be part of your weekly menu!
By: JetFuel
Drunken Noodles Recipe Drunken Noodles Recipe
Chef Jet Tila is best known for his drunken noodles. Google it, you will see. In this video he explains all the secrets to the perfect, delicious drunken noodles. You will want to eat this tonight!
By: JetFuel
Crispy Duck Fat Potatoes with Sage and Garlic Crispy Duck Fat Potatoes with Sage and Garlic
Everyone needs a solid potato side and this one from Chef Jet Tila fits the bill. It's easy to make, has good flavor and uses duck fat, a chef's secret weapon. This rich dish just tastes so dang delicious.
By: JetFuel
Classic Chicken Korma Recipe Classic Chicken Korma Recipe
Jet's friend Simon Majumdar visits and make the classic Indian dish Chicken Korma. It's delicious!
By: JetFuel
Classic Thai Chicken Curry Recipe Classic Thai Chicken Curry Recipe
Everyone loves homemade curry, and Thai curry is the one you want. Jet shows how to make this one pan dish with a few unique Thai ingredients. Once you make this once, you will master the Chicken Curry.
By: JetFuel

Quick Tip

Try to always be a day ahead in your cooking. If you follow this rule, then, when you get home from work, the family dinner will be waiting for you, rather than everyone waiting on supper. While you are heating up the meal you can be preparing for the next, or you can wait until everyone is fed before working on tomorrow. This puts the power back into your own hands by allowing you to cook when it best suits you while eliminating the stress caused by rushing.

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