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Tracy Porter
How to Make a Savory Bread Pudding How to Make a Savory Bread Pudding
I realize my passion for food seems to have no end. It is a journey of delectable bite after scrumptious bite for me.
By: Tracy Porter
How to Make Salty Snack Medley How to Make Salty Snack Medley
Do you ever make a salty snack medley to accompany your summer cocktail? Don't wait for guests'.make a reason all your own! Sip the deliciousness' bite on the salty goodness ' marinated olives, almonds, buttery popcorn, pretzels dipped in mustard' Voila, perfection!
By: Tracy Porter
Couscous Vegetable Gratin Recipe Couscous Vegetable Gratin Recipe
I think couscous might be one of my favorite pantry staples. Its uses are endless' and it is a swift option to use when you may have a bare refrigerator, or just a few vegetables on hand.
By: Tracy Porter
Sugar Snap Peas Recipe Sugar Snap Peas Recipe
One of our family's favorites, steamed sugar snap peas. Easy, tasty, healthy ' perfect for casual summer dining. They're done in an instant and so delicious. Now, how snappy is that?!
By: Tracy Porter
Homemade French Fries Recipe Homemade French Fries Recipe
An easy homemade French fries recipe you can make!! Isn't it time to have some fun with this all-American classic side' delicious French fries!!
By: Tracy Porter
Stuffed Artichokes Recipe Stuffed Artichokes Recipe
Stuffed artichokes are a favorite recipe I've been cooking forever! A delicious, easy artichoke recipe that combines classic artichokes with savory sausage stuffing. You will be successful in the kitchen, satisfied, and ready for more artichokes in your life!!
By: Tracy Porter
How to Make Chopped Salad How to Make Chopped Salad
Everyone loves a gorgeous salad' well, I know I sure do. One of my favorites is the classic, old-fashioned, all-American chopped salad'. So easy to make and a total crowd-pleaser. So cool' and' you can make it whatever you want it to be' pull together a colorful medley of your favorite crunchy vegetables' and you'll have yourself a healthy, snappy salad that everyone will delight in eating.
By: Tracy Porter
Quick and Easy Buffet Ideas Quick and Easy Buffet Ideas
We all like to feel successful. RIGHT?!! I don't often have time to do a full-blown entertaining extravaganza, So one of my favorite ways to gather with family and friends is simply to do a casual antipasto bar. So easy. So inviting. So perfect for on-the-fly entertaining. My secret is to be stocked on the favorites'. And the rest comes together effortlessly. Your guests will feel pampered'.and you will feel like an entertaining goddess'. Lots of time for nibbling an...
By: Tracy Porter
How to make Arugula and Scallops with Cornbread How to make Arugula and Scallops with Cornbread
A ridiculous weakness for me, and hopefully you'' cornbread. I am ever praying when I make it that there will be leftovers for the morning, or to take to the studio with a salad for my lunch.
By: Tracy Porter
How to Make Pork Loin Roast Sandwiches How to Make Pork Loin Roast Sandwiches
John and I have a thing for really succulent sandwiches. We are ever messing around with combinations that make our taste buds croon (opera of course). Especially the sort that your fingers sink into and dribble down to your elbows.
By: Tracy Porter
How to make Roasted Vegetable Pasta How to make Roasted Vegetable Pasta
We find pasta to be a staple in our home' Without doubt it is in yours, as well. I am all about discovering another way to make pasta salad more interesting with colors, flavors, textures' Highs and lows that hit my tongue deliciously and make me want to linger at the table just that much longer.
By: Tracy Porter
How to Serve Veggies in Ramekins How to Serve Veggies in Ramekins
Learn how to serve veggies in ramekins in this video with Tracy Porter.
By: Tracy Porter

Quick Tip

Try to always be a day ahead in your cooking. If you follow this rule, then, when you get home from work, the family dinner will be waiting for you, rather than everyone waiting on supper. While you are heating up the meal you can be preparing for the next, or you can wait until everyone is fed before working on tomorrow. This puts the power back into your own hands by allowing you to cook when it best suits you while eliminating the stress caused by rushing.

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