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Harlequin Cocktail Recipe Harlequin Cocktail Recipe
Cream de Menthe, light rum and blue curacao go along way, add a bit of grenadine and you've got the Harlequin.
By: dschommer
High Tide Cocktail High Tide Cocktail
A nice seafoam blue with a thick head and a thick juicy consistency. The taste of pineapple, orange juice with only a slight hint of alcohol.
By: dschommer
How to Mix an Orange Roxy How to Mix an Orange Roxy
Tequila meets orange juice with some sprite and coconut rum. A flavorful citrus and coconut surprise with a core spirit of a blanco tequila.
By: dschommer
Tropical Traffic Light Cocktail Recipe Tropical Traffic Light Cocktail Recipe
A layered "'traffic light" with some tropical flavors. Cute, bright, colorful and taste all at the same time. What more can you ask for?
By: dschommer
Vegas Bomb Cocktail Recipe Vegas Bomb Cocktail Recipe
A shooter that contains Canadian whisky and butterscotch schnapps, dropped in a glass of Redbull.
By: dschommer
Godiva Coffee Cocktail Recipe Godiva Coffee Cocktail Recipe
Coffee and godiva chocolate makes for a very flavorful coffee beverage. We're garnishing it with whipped cream.
By: dschommer
Chocolate Copabanana Recipe Chocolate Copabanana Recipe
Irish cream, 99 banana's and chocolate milk. Lots of chocolate and banana flavor in this little cocktail.
By: dschommer
How to Mix a Midori Sour How to Mix a Midori Sour
A classic midori drink, using egg whites to bring a nice smooth consistency and a bright green foamy head.
By: dschommer
How to Mix the Eliminator Cocktail How to Mix the Eliminator Cocktail
We're building a cocktail with Tequila and bourbon with some orange soda, yeah, that's right orange soda.
By: dschommer
How to Mix an Americano Cocktail How to Mix an Americano Cocktail
A campari cocktail, very bitter in taste. We're building both a normal americano and a dry americano to see which tastes best, if either.
By: dschommer
Brandy Infusion Cocktail Recipe Brandy Infusion Cocktail Recipe
We're bringing brandy together with X-Rated Fusion and a bit of amaretto all with a nice light taste of sprite to top it. Tropical, yet lightly appealing.
By: dschommer
Drunk Monkey #2 Cocktail Drunk Monkey #2 Cocktail
Sambuca meets 99 banana's for a wild ride of flavors in this shooter. Simple to make, easy to explain on the palate.
By: dschommer
Rain Forest Cocktail Rain Forest Cocktail
We're mixing 99 Banana's with coconut rum, raspberry vodka, pineapple juice and cranberry juice.
By: dschommer
Cinco Drinko Cocktail Cinco Drinko Cocktail
The cinco drinko has five unique rums to make a flavorful rum based beverage
By: dschommer
Rob Roy - Scotch Manhattan Cocktail Rob Roy - Scotch Manhattan Cocktail
We're creating a whiskey cocktail, the scotch Manhattan, also known as the Rob Roy. We're using Black Label Johnnie Walker to build it out.
By: dschommer
Baby Guinness Shooter Baby Guinness Shooter
It's not Guinness but it sure as heck looks like it! We're layering coffee liqueur and Irish cream.
By: dschommer
Pineapple Bite Cocktail Pineapple Bite Cocktail
A cocktail with bite, this cocktail focuses dry vermouth and cointreau with lime juice and pineapple juice. Quite a different taste.
By: dschommer
How to Make Godfather Cocktail How to Make Godfather Cocktail
The godfather cocktail, Scotch Whisky with some amaretto and luxardo maraschino cherries.
By: dschommer
Bee Breeze Cocktail Bee Breeze Cocktail
Chambord and Barenjager has never tasted so good. Add a dash of pineapple juice and top with cranberry juice and you've got a tasty cocktail.
By: dschommer
Irish Gold Cocktail Irish Gold Cocktail
A good Saint Patrick's Day cocktail or, if you choose, any day of the week. Our base spirit is Irish Whiskey.
By: dschommer
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