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How to Bake Bread How to Bake Bread
Jane is shown how to make and Bake bread @ Mustard in chemsford.
By: faceofchelmsford
How to Prep and poach Salmon How to Prep and poach Salmon
Jane learns how to prep and poach salmon at Mustard in Chelmsford.
By: faceofchelmsford
How to Make Sausages How to Make Sausages
Jane learns how to make great free range sausages from the owners of Totham Bangers.
By: faceofchelmsford
How to Milk a Cow How to Milk a Cow
Jane Learns how to milk a cow at marsh farm, Chelmsford.
By: faceofchelmsford
Mussel Cooking Tips Mussel Cooking Tips
Jane learns how to cook mussels at loch fyne in chelmsford.
By: faceofchelmsford
Poaching an Egg Poaching an Egg
Charlie from aCanteen in Chelmsford shows Jane how to make the perfect poached egg. Watch Jane as she then attempts to make it at home.
By: faceofchelmsford
How to Pull the Perfect Pint of Beer How to Pull the Perfect Pint of Beer
Watch Jane learn how to pull the perfect pint under the watchful eye of Adrian from The Carvey House.
By: faceofchelmsford
Seafood Platter Royale Seafood Platter Royale
Jane learns how to make a Seafood Platter Royale at Loch Fyne in Chelmsford.
By: faceofchelmsford

Quick Tip

Try to always be a day ahead in your cooking. If you follow this rule, then, when you get home from work, the family dinner will be waiting for you, rather than everyone waiting on supper. While you are heating up the meal you can be preparing for the next, or you can wait until everyone is fed before working on tomorrow. This puts the power back into your own hands by allowing you to cook when it best suits you while eliminating the stress caused by rushing.

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