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Diet and Heart Disease Diet and Heart Disease
Registered dietitian and author Elizabeth Somer says all you may need to truly get on track is a little guidance on making smarter choices.
Latin Holiday Dinner Idea Latin Holiday Dinner Idea
Ordinarily during the holidays, we labor over menu and timing and dcor. These days, we're saddled with the question about how we're going to afford it all. As food prices climb, entertaining during the holidays can become even more overwhelming. Have no fear. Chef Aarón Sánchez ' co-star of Food Network's exciting new series, Chefs vs. City, owner and executive chef of restaurants Paladar and Centrico.
Simple Health and Nutrition Tips Simple Health and Nutrition Tips
When it comes to losing weight, especially during the holidays, people are overwhelmed. They don't know where to begin. But small changes can add up. You don't have to do everything right all at once ' weight loss is not all or nothing. Cheryl Forberg , diet and nutrition expert from television's The Biggest Loser, says making some 'simple swaps' in the foods you eat can help you get on the right track.
Fresh Fast Food Options Fresh Fast Food Options
With more Americans cooking at home, rather than dining out or ordering in, we are always looking for quick tips, new recipes and simple techniques to create healthful meals for the family on the go. Whatever the amount of time you have, there's a delicious recipe that will fit your schedule.
How to Get More Phytonutrients with Colorful Fruits and Vegetables How to Get More Phytonutrients with Colorful Fruits and Vegetables
We are used to being told to eat our 'greens.' But what about our reds, blues, yellows and oranges? According to a new report, 78% of Americans are suffering a 'phytonutrient' gap, missing out on the disease-fighting benefits of colorful fruits and vegetables. The most severe gap was found in blue/purple fruits and vegetables ' with 88% of Americans falling short.
Triple Play Pork Recipe Triple Play Pork Recipe
As busy back-to-school schedules heat up, it's easy to lose sight of eating together as a family. But family mealtime is more relevant than ever as more Americans are returning to home cooking. According to a recent study, 85 percent of consumers say they're eating a home-cooked meal three or more times a week.
Learn 4 Fun Lunchtime Fixes for Kids Learn 4 Fun Lunchtime Fixes for Kids
They detest dairy. They poo-poo protein. They get grossed out by anything green. And you have probably tried it all to get them back on track, from slaving over a hot stove to getting down on your knees to beg next to the booster seat. But nothing works. As the start of a new school year approaches, a fresh start means it's a great time to start integrating some new habits.

Quick Tip

Try to always be a day ahead in your cooking. If you follow this rule, then, when you get home from work, the family dinner will be waiting for you, rather than everyone waiting on supper. While you are heating up the meal you can be preparing for the next, or you can wait until everyone is fed before working on tomorrow. This puts the power back into your own hands by allowing you to cook when it best suits you while eliminating the stress caused by rushing.

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